Little Girl Expelled For Unnatural Braids Teacher Says

Just a warning this might just be one of the silliest things one would not have the pleasure of hearing and seeing. Imagine being a little girl and your mom or hairstylist does your hair in what you know to be really cool braids and your ready to go to school to show your friends thinking 'I just have a new hair style'. Not so much, all of a sudden you walk in class and your teach proceeds to tell you that your braids are unnatural and you are then expelled from school  Yeah sounds a little far fetched right!?!? That is what happened to this little girl in Louisiana. According to reports the school policy was made know to the students that all students must have natural hair, and she was not in compliance.  

According sources the administrators wanted to make it known that they did not expel the child but her mother decided to pull her out.  Nonetheless we feel bad for that little girl who had to go through all that!