YIKES: Madonna Kisses Nicki On Lips At VMA's

Welp- Madonna is no stranger to kissing folks on the lips. Male or female, and or maybe in between she maybe in the business of just kissing folk. If you can recall Madonna and Brittany Spears kissed each other on the lips at the VMA's a few years ago and that caused a bit of a frenzy. However just a few years ago Madonna decided to kiss Young Money member Drake during a show, and he was just not ready for it- some even believed that she bit his tongue, especially after seeing how Drake was holding his mouth. #YIKES #TakeTheWheelLord 

So it might come to no surprise for some that when Nicki saw Madonna backstage at the VMA's, lips couldn't be kept to themselves. Check out Nicki's reaction. What do you think???