The Four Miami Singer Ronnie V Goes For The Beast

The Four: Battle For Stardom show has become a must watch competition show on Thursday nights. Every week various artist-from rappers/lyricists to singers all are coming to literally take a seat from current 4. Last Thursday if you missed it, then you missed out on a battle. Well known singer Miami Native Ronnie V. came on the stage ready to serenade the ladies with his vocals and smooth moves.  

With the approval of another Miami native -Dj Khaled, and the blue light from both Meghan and Diddy, Ronnie got his chance to challenge. Who do you think he came for? 

 Known for his cool vibes and smooth high notes James was the number one pick for Ronnie V. 

Though Ronnie V, definitely did his thing, James was the winner was of the challenge and kept his seat. I am almost sure we will be seeing more of Ronnie V. If you want to see him back on the show- #Ronnie #TheFourComeback4

This Thursday, find out who will keep or have their seat taken. The Four on Fox airs at 8pm.