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WOW: Shocking New Development On #JusticeForJunior

WOW... This is a bit hard to follow. Last week families and friends in Brooklyn, New York were in turmoil after not only hearing but seeing video go viral of their young one widely known as 'Junior' being repeatedly stabbed by men. The men were seen in the surveillance video and social media got a hold of it and started sharing. Within days after community out pour, authorities arrested more than 5 men who were said to affiliated with gangs.  

First- word spread that a video was shared of a young girl was seen with boys who were running a train on her.

  • After that video went viral of the girl having sex with the boys, the girls brother found out about it and apparently he got his friends and she told them who the boy was in the video. 

  • On the day of the stabbing word is 15 -year old 'Junior' told his mother that he was going down to a bo·de·ga that was about a block away to meet his friend who called him for $5 he owed him, according to family members Junior borrowed money from the friend who called him that night, and said he needed it back to get food.  (that friend has not been identified yet)
  • So now Junior is seen in surveillance video going into a bo·de·ga- and shortly after-

Back to the girl and her brothers

  • The girls brother got his friends and you can see in surveillance video they walked in the store with knifes and machetes. Junior is seen in the video fighting for his life.   (Hard to watch)
  • With support from the community less than a week- authorities made a few arrests related to Junior's death. 

Now- word is; the girl who was seen in the video initially with the boys, told her brother that it was her boyfriend in the video- which one of the boys were however, it was not -"Junior". The girl knows junior because they were in the "Explore Program" together, but he was not in the video nor was he her boyfriend-reports are being made that the girl knew her brother would take action- so to protect her boyfriend she told them it was someone else- that someone else being--- JUNIOR! WOW- Though more information is come- the girl continues to plead her innocence. 

Juniors mother, says that she is heart broken but thanks God for the support she is receiving. Family and friends say Junior wanted to be a police officer.

Eight people have been arrested so far. 

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