Student In Broward Fla,Eats Cheetos Laced With THC

When you hear this story, it might just make you never want to take something from a friend before fully inspecting what they heck they are offering you, but they are your friend right, they wouldn't give you anything that might make you sick? 

According to authorities an 8th grade student in Hollywood Fl, came to school and was offered a bag of cheetos by a friend, however shortly after eating the cheetos, they student felt ill and was rushed to hospital. Authorities soon found out that the student was offered "weedos" cheetos laced with THC-layman terms, marijuana! 

The student was rushed to the hospital, however "administrators will be punish the student accused of giving her the marijuana edible in accordance with the code of conduct." 

Two other students were also given the laced cheetos. Thankfully none of the students were fatally ill.