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By now many are aware of the tragic shooting that took the lives of 17 students at Douglas High. As many continue to remember their loved ones, others are still grateful for their own lives. Anthony Borges is one of those students. 

Borges is one of the last to be released from the hospital after the shooting. Many are still appreciative of his heroism. During the shooting on Feb 14th, it was said that Borges held the door back (attempting to help classmates) as the 19-year-old shooter began letting off rounds of bullets, ultimately causing Borges to be hit by at least 5. Thankfully after going through 9 surgeries he is now home safe.  

I didn’t know if this was too much to post but boy this I think maybe the true meaning of laying your life down for another... As we move forward working together to create a positive change, many are still as I’m being told are fighting for their lives! #Teachers #Coaches even #Students shielding themselves to protect other students! This young man one of which #AnthonyBorges 15 years old I was told, covered the door (covering 20 students) as the shooter began shooting! #Praying for this young man and others! #MarchingForOurLives #MotivationMonday #GodIsAble Doesn’t have to be your family to care!

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For his act of bravery- literally put his life before others- Anthony Borges is our Beat Blazer of the Month- brought to you by Freeman Injury Law. 

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