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Now You Can Own The Cardigate Mic

Photo: DAI KUROKAWA / AFP / Getty Images

The Las Vegas production company The Wave who provided Cardi B with her equipment decided to auction the infamous Shure mic from the Drai’s Beach Club concert!

The proceeds from the eBay auction will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas.

The current bid sits at $90,900.00.

“I was encouraged to sell the mic but decided I would try to do something good. 100% of the profit from the sale of this mic will be evenly split among 2 charities,” the company said. “The first charity is a local Las Vegas charity called Friendship Circle Las Vegas. The friendship circle is an organization that has teens and young adults volunteers helping children, teens, and other young adults with special needs. The 2nd charity is Wounded Warrior Project. Wounded Warrior Project helps to bring independence back to our most severely wounded veterans. While I did not serve, my father served in the USAF and my son-in-law served in the USMC.”

Cardi B tossed a microphone in Las Vegas, and now she's listed as the suspect in a battery!

A woman was struck by Cardi's mic when she hurled it into the crowd at Drai's Nightclub on, the lady went to Las Vegas Metro PD the next day and reported it.

The whole incident was captured on cameras and show's Cardi, performing and a woman in the crowd threw a liquid at Cardi, which caused her to snap and immediately throw the mic in retaliation.

The mic struck the woman who threw the drink, but ricocheted and hit another woman standing next to her. It has not ben reported as to which one of them went to the police.

Just before the incident Cardi and her DJ shouted out to the crowd to splash water on her to cool her off, but she didn't take kindly to whatever the woman threw.

The case continues.

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