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Brent Faiyaz Finally Releases "Paper Soldier"!

Brent Faiyaz has officially dropped "Paper Soldier," featuring Joony!

Once only available through Soundcloud and YouTube, is now an official release. "Paper Soldier" rose in popularity n the digital realm, but now its official release will solidify its place in the R&B scene.

Brent Faiyaz dropped a new single with Coco Jones!

“Moment Of Your Life,” is a sexy cut about the moments he shares with his woman. Coco’s side of the track is of the woman Brent is with for the night.

Justin Timberlake connected with Coco Jones, to give us her “ICU (Remix)!”

The second single from "What I Didn’t Tell You" arrived last year, and marked Coco her first entry on the Hot 100.

The singers took to social media to tease the project.

“He’s such a legend and he really supports me, so I’m really really happy to have this collaboration,” Coco raved.

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