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NYPD Stole 3k From Jay-Z?!

JAY-Z’s Ace of Spades is a HIGHLY coveted champagne on the market, and now three NYPD police officers have been charged for stealing nearly $3,000 worth of it!

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought charges against Jonathan Gonzalez, Wojciech Czech, and Warren Golden for taking bottles at Electric Zoo last year. Gonzalez and Czech are facing charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, while Gonzalez and Golden were charged with official misconduct.

The three detectives were in charge of narcotics at the festival and saw three VIP's order bottles of Ace of Spades, and once they stepped away, Gonzalez took two bottles worth $2,900, and then Czech gave Gonzalez the bottles to be placed in the backpack. Golden saw this, and didn’t do anything. The detectives left the VIP tent and went back to a staff-only location, and there two attendees saw the men take the champagne and then reported the incident to a security guard.

“In addition to the alleged theft that occurred, none of the Officers working at the event stepped up and stopped this activity,” Bragg said in a statement. “Public confidence in the criminal justice system depends on members of law enforcement acting with the utmost integrity while on duty and following the same rules that apply to everyone else.”

Recently, Jay and Jack Dorsey of Block Inc. won their class-action lawsuit made by the City of Coral Springs Police Officers' Pension Plan.

The Officers' Pension wanted to hold Dorsey and Block Inc. accountable for acquiring Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service, which they deemed a poor business venture.

They believe that Block's directors showed bad faith in the acquisition, which cost $237 million for an 86.2% stake in Tidal. At the time, Tidal had only 2.1 million subscribers, lost major contracts, faced a criminal investigation in Norway, and lost its exclusive streaming arrangement with Kanye West. Tidal also had unpaid liabilities to music labels for streaming fees.

The pension fund claimed that Dorsey bought Tidal to become friends with Jay-Z, as it was later revealed that Dorsey and Jay-Z were vacationing together in Hawaii after Block purchased Tidal.

Block closed the deal for $237.3 million, and Jay-Z joined the board, which enraged the managers of the City of Coral Springs Police Officers' Pension Plan and triggered the lawsuit.

Delaware Chancery Court dismissed the case, stating insufficient evidence to show that Block's directors acted in bad faith, as the judge could not presume bad faith based solely on the merits of the deal. A reminder that the court will not second-guess business decisions made by independent directors of a company.

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