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A Man Falls Out Of The Sky Into Rick Ross' Pool Party!

Rick Ross had a pool party and a man parachuted onto his property!

Ross shared a video of the moment,

“There he go!” Ross says. “Oh my god! It’s the parachute guy. G#######! Hey, don’t land on the roof!”

Winds accidentally pushed the man on to a trajectory towards Rick's property, where the man packed up his gear and tossing into the back of a black pickup truck. Ross later gave him the truck, telling him it was their “destiny.”

Earlier this year Ross had to deal with neighbors, as his car show was a success!

Even the Fayette County officials, thought he did a great job. The traffic was way better than last year. Ross got a permit with strict guidelines for the event, and celebs and the masses came out and enjoyed rides, vendors, and music.

City officials initially denied his permit for the event and Ross took to his Instagram to respond,

“Breaking news, the Rick Ross Car Show June 3 goes on,” Rozay said. “It’s a private event on private property with VIPs and you’re invited. Tickets are still available online. It’s going to be a beautiful event. Shoutout to the beautiful city of Fayetteville. This when I become great during the challenges. "That’s what I like. That’s why I was always one to initiate certain things because I love the challenge. I don’t have a problem going against the challenges because Ricky Rozay ready. Is it really a challenge?”

Rick Ross’ neighbors filed a petition to have his car show cancelled, as Lil Wayne is set to perform at the show and his neighbors went to the Fayette County Board of Commissioners in Georgia to complain. Apparently, last year’s car show brought traffic to a standstill, and neighbors have signed petitions to stop the show.

“I have the petitions here that we signed,” stated one neighbor. “We feel locked out. It took me 40 minutes to get out of my subdivision.

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