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Latto Teases Fans On The Gram

Latto took to Instagram to share a snippet of new music!

Latto, along with two friends, threw dollar bills in the studio with the song blaring through the speakers.

“Pop Latto loading…,” she captioned on the post.

She hasn’t set a release date for the new single but maybe this week!

Latto, recently stirred up a bidding war on eBay when she listed her "used" panties for sale!

After being called out for wearing the same cheetah print thong in separate photos, she decided to give her fans an "inside look" at her panty drawer and auction off a pair of them. Within hours, the bidding had reached almost $100,000. Unfortunately, eBay removed the auction due to it violating their policies. It wasn't the first time a rapper has seen their personal items listed on eBay; last year, Nicki Minaj's acrylic nail fetched a hefty $55,000 and French Montana's "Coke Boy L.A. Ave" sneakers were listed for just $0.

Despite the auction being removed, Latto's cheetah print thong has captured the attention of fans everywhere. While it may be a fun story to share, it serves as a reminder that even celebrities' personal possessions aren't safe from online auctions. Whether it's a pair of used panties or a manicured nail, it's clear that any item associated with a celebrity will have serious resale value.

While a few thousand dollars or even a hundred thousand may be tempting, caution should be taken when profiting off of someone else’s belongings. Although this story may have ended in disappointment, it's likely that fans and spectators alike will be watching - and bidding - with greater care in the future.

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