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Flo Rida Joining Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival!

Flo Rida will be teaming up with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation by partnering for its 18th annual Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival!

The event is to raise over “$2 million for HIV/AIDS services,” says the nonprofit’s press release.

Presented by Wells Fargo and AHF Pharmacy, a national chain of pharmacies supporting US & global HIV care, the annual event attracts more than 2,000 attendees and raises “$2 million for 12 local, nonprofit organizations providing HIV/AIDS services in the South Florida community, the epicenter of the epidemic nationally,” the release said.

“We are incredibly excited to have Flo Rida to join us as the headline performer for this year’s event,” said Michael Kahane, Southern Bureau Chief for AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “He previously has been involved with the event and is an amazing spokesperson in helping both to raise funds for our beneficiaries as well as raise awareness of the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on the South Florida community.”

Flo Rida's $80 million settlement in his lawsuit against Celsius energy drink will enable philanthropic endeavors, such as the Big Dreams For Kids charity that powers his Florida Youth Football league.

Flo's league is over 10,000 players strong, and he's optimistic the players will grow up to be doctors, lawyers or even professional athletes.

As for Celsius, Flo is still a co-owner, after the lawsuit.

Flo Rida emerged victorious in his lawsuit against energy drink company Celsius!

A jury awarded him the massive sum of $82,640,450 in damages. Flo's team asserted that he was promised a one-percent ownership when he signed the endorsement deal with the company in 2014 and renewed it in 2016.

“He’s entitled to 500,000 shares of stock via the contract, and entitled to 250,000 shares of stock if certain things happen — one of those yardsticks is that a certain number of units of products need to be sold, but unfortunately the contract doesn’t specify which type of unit — is it a box, is it a drink? And there’s no timeframe or deadline,” John Uustal, Flo's lawyer said.

“It’s about my passion,” Flo said. “It’s about my team. It’s about my dedication. It’s about something that I started years ago and just to see it come full fledged like this–I hate for it to be this way.”

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