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Tory Lanez Call To Harris Is Out For The World To Hear

The bad news continues for Tory Lanez as his jail call to Kelsey Harris has now leaked!

YouTuber Nique at Nite leaked the audio of the jail call to Megan Thee Stallion's ex-best friend, that took place after the shooting, when Lanez had been taken into custody.

Lanez asks how Megan was and Harris responded,

"Megan's still in the hospital. I'm outside the hospital.

Tory asks what hospital Megan's in, and Harris tells him, "Cedar."

Lanez then reveals what happened through his apology.

"Bruh, I know [Megan] prolly never, ever gonna talk to me ever again, but, I just want you to know, bruh, I was just so fuckin' drunk that I ain't even know what the fuck was going on. I ain't even know what the fuck was goin' on, like, deadass. I ain't never do some shit like that. I just... so fuckin' drunk, nigga, I didn't even understand what the fuck was going on. Regardless, though, that's not gonna make anything right, and it's not gonna make my actions right. I'm just deeply sorry, bruh. I never even move like that. I never move like that at all."

Lanez admits he doesn't recall what the argument between the three was about and asks Harris to contact his security so they can bail him out of jail. Harris adds that Megan's team is working to quiet the situation.

Torey ends the call by saying,

"I'd never did that shit if I wasn't that drunk."

Nique At Night released all her audio and video clips of what took place on the infamous night on her YouTube channel and breaks down moment for what moment what she believes took place. No word from either of the three parties has been released as of yet.

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