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Drake Won Big On The Nuggets!

Is the Drake curse over?!

Drake hit on the Denver Nuggets winning 5 games, getting him $800!

Drake placed two bets on the Nuggets before game 1 was played. He placed $1 million on the Nuggets to win the series, which pays 1.23 mil and he put up $250K on the Nuggets winning the series in 5 games, which paied $850K!

All together Drake won $830K!

The Nuggets beat the Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals giving the franchise their first World Title.

Photo: Getty Images

Drake bet on Jake Paul and it didn't work out.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury hit the ring in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Drake posted a screenshot of the massive bet he made on Jake Paul to win. Drake put $400,000 on Paul's victory and would've received $1.4 billion if he won, but Paul caught an "L" and jokingly blamed the 'Drake curse' for his loss.

“Fuck, this is Drake’s fault,” Paul exclaimed. “Drake, bro, why’d you do this to me? Nah, it’s my fault. But $400K is nothing to him, so – but he’s won a lot more money betting on me before, so he’s probably about even now. Sorry Drake, I’m gonna get that ‘W’ in the rematch.”

Drake had money on the Israel Adesanya fight and dropped a crispy $2 million on the bet.

Drake lost.

Israel Adesanya lost to Alex Pereira during UFC 281 and Drake was out a cool 2 stacks large!

Photo: Getty Images

Drake had a winning streak, taking almost $25 million at roulette!

Drake hosted his second Twitch livestream with online casino Stake, while giving away $1 million to lucky viewers. During the virtual event, Drake was joined by French Montana, who watched Drake win $12.96 million and $11.95 million on individual bets, but both on the same number.

“You know what that deserves? Ah haaan!” Drake yelled while celebrating the former. “And I got my special guest in the building, take a seat. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with my brother, my twin, my lookalike Montega.”

Drake’s balance reached almost $27.2 million, but in the end, he finished the event with just $1,879 in his account. Drake still put smiles on the faces of viewers by gifting them $25,000 each and personally congratulating them over a video call.

Earlier in the year, Drake won big again!

The Golden State Warriors clinched the West in the Western Conference Finals, and Drake placed $200,000 on the win, which gives him a cool $1 million.

The Warriors took down the Dallas Mavericks four games to one and will be heading to the NBA Finals for the sixth time in eight years. They face the winner of the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals series.

Drake bet on Duke’s Final Four meeting with North Carolina, and lost six figures!

“I’m a Wildcat for life but I’m riding with @getfadedinc team for this one,” he posted on Instagram, complete with a screenshot of his $100,000 wager.

The Tar Heels knocked off the Blue Devils 81-77, walking away with the most significant win in rivalry history, as the legendary Mike Krzyzewski goes into retirement with an L at the hands of Carolina.

Drake won big at Super Bowl LVI, as he placed $1.3 million worth of Super Bowl bets in bitcoin, including the Los Angeles Rams to win, Odell Beckham Jr. over 0.5 anytime touchdowns, and Odell Beckham Jr. over 62.5 receiving yards. Drake hit two out of the three bets.

He won his first bet in the first quarter, when the Odell anytime touchdown cashed with 6 minutes, 22 seconds left in the first Drake’s risk paid out $710.9 thousand. Drake’s second bet lost because of Odell's knee injury in the second quarter. As a result, Drake lost $392.7 thousand, but when the Rams won 23 to 20, Drake picked up an additional $711.6 thousand.

So, when the NBA Finals come up bet with Drake, he's the new 800 BET number!

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