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Chris Brown Almost Stopped From Performing In Houston

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Chris Brown and Lil Baby's show was actually at risk, when Ms. LaJuan Bailey, filed for a court to step in and block them from performing at the Toyota Center in Houston.

The filing was a restraining order to prevent Chris from hitting the stage until Chris addresses why he missed a charity performance in the area earlier this year. The judge was quick to throw out the restraining order and so the show went on. Bailey attempted to sue Chris last month after claiming Brown bailed on a hurricane benefit relief concert after Bailey claims to have shelled out $1 million.

Chris denied the account, saying that contract stipulations weren't met, and gave at least a 2-day notice before canceling. He even made a 6-figure donation to make things right, but that apparently wasn't enough.

Bailey is still seeking damages she claims she suffered from him pulling the plug on her charity event which totaled more than $1 million.

“I acted in good faith and sponsored this concert out of love and respect for residents in need,” Bailey said. “I am appalled that Chris Brown refuses to refund my money for a show he did not appear to after we announced our show and sold tickets.”

Brown was booked to perform at her “One Night Only Benefit Concert” at the Toyota Center in March, to raise money for Houston and Louisiana-area residents whose homes were damaged due to Hurricanes Ida and Nicholas, but was canceled and ticket goers were issued a refund via Ticketmaster.

“At this point, it is my humble belief that Chris Brown’s actions are parallel to pure theft. He has the unmitigated gall to take my money, stand up the residents of Houston, then return to the city to perform on August 17, 2022. My message to Chris Brown: We will not sit back and allow you to disrespect the victims of Hurricane Ida and Nicholas in need.” Bailey continued.

The news regarding Bailey’s lawsuit come after Brown fumed over low album sales for his recently released Breezy album, and blasting those who only care about him when he’s in legal trouble.

“July 8th breezy deluxe album,” he wrote in his Stories. “Not that it matters…SEEMS LIKE YALL ONLY INVEST IN THE NEGATIVE STORIES ABOUT ME. CHRIS GETS IN TROUBLE (THE WHOLE WORLD IS ON it). Chris drops album [crickets]. I’m back on my gangsta shit. It’s BRACKING at all times.”

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