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Kanye's Jeen-yuhs Drops Its Final Episode.

The third and final installment of Coodie & Chike’s Kanye documentary Jeen-Yuhs is out now!

From the last days of The College Dropout, to the last part of the trilogy, that conjures up moments of beauty and bemusement.

Now living a life of fame and fortune that The College Dropout afforded him, Kanye's meteoric rise and soundbite take center stage.

"Mom we about to blow up, we finna blow up," Kanye's quote now comes into the foreground. Kanye’s trials and tribulations, sees Coodie is no longer joined at the hip like before, but he’s still around for some landmark moments.

What's finally revealed is why Coodie chose to withhold all of this for so many years, and we get our answer. Coodie was deterred by West who informed him that "he wasn’t ready for the world to see the real him yet."

"To some kids right now, I am what Michael Jackson was to me," Kanye proclaimed. in one of his earliest declarations of icon status.

"They say overconfident like it's a bad thing. I think overconfident should be a bad word, how can you be overconfident? That's my thing, willing to beat the negative perception that they throw on a confident black man, because they've never seen that before. It's almost the mentality of the slave that's too loud. Imma tell you how I feel about myself," Ye affirmed, "I am the greatest and you should feel that way about yourself too!"

All three episodes can be streamed on NetFlix.

Kanye West’s The College Dropout and Late Registration are resurging on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kanye’s debut album The College Dropout has climbed from No. 109 to No. 36, reaching its highest position in 17 years. Late Registation also re-entered at No. 185, marking its first appearance on the chart in over five years.

The rise follows the release of the first two episodes of Kanye’s Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs, which tells the story of his early career and the making of The College Dropout.

In 2004, The College Dropout debuted at No. 2, and Late Registration then dropped in 2005 and debuted at No. 1.

Kanye West‘s Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs captures the obstacles he had to overcome in his early career, and TIME has unearthed an unreleased clip from the Coodie and Chike documentary.

The footage follows Kanye on the set of the video shoot for “Slow Jamz” featuring Twista and Jamie Foxx. Kanye fights with directors and production as his vision falls on deaf ears.

“She just heard the explanation yesterday and it didn’t mean anything,” Kanye says about producer Laura Keseric. “So I’ma keep repeating myself over and over and over. Y’all are forcing me to be the asshole.”

The clip features cameos from Twista, Common and Consequence, as well as Don C, Gee Roberson, John Monopoly and Nabil Edlerkin.

The video shoot was eventually shut down by police for unknown reasons, with an officer telling the room, “I’m sorry, gentlemen. That’s a wrap.”

“Slow Jamz” went on to become a massive success, spending 22 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100, as it was Kanye West‘s first No. 1 single, which helped him earn the validation he was fighting for.

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