Kodak Black Put On A Show At The Panthers Game?!

Kodak Black put on a show at the Panthers game!

During the game, Black was seen holding his girl while she was bent over, twerking on his lap, in the VIP. Fans at the game recorded the moment which has gone, viral! Essence is on her hands and Kodak reposted the clip to his IG story.

The internet BLEW UP, as it was thought that the pair was having sex, and Kodak Black did go on Instagram Live to say that he “put the enchilada in the piñata.”

It has been later proven to just be twerking, as Kodak and Essence were sitting rinkside before they moved up to a suite, where they were captured on camera. The two were next to a suite where several Panthers executives were seated.

Essence also took to Instagram to gush over Kodak, calling herself “Mrs. Kapri.”

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