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Look Up In 2022

Photo: Getty Images

The new year will be a good time to start looking up at thee night sky.

Total lunar eclipses, a multitude of meteor showers, and supermoons are on the calendar.

Here are the top sky events of 2022.

There are 12 full moons in 2022 and two of them qualify as supermoons.

January 17: Wolf moon

February 16: Snow moon

March 18: Worm moon

April 16: Pink moon

May 16: Flower moon

June 14: Strawberry moon

July 13: Buck moon

August 11: Sturgeon moon

September 10: Harvest moon

October 9: Hunter’s moon

November 8: Beaver moon

December 7: Cold moon

There will be two total lunar eclipses and two partial solar eclipses in 2022.

A partial solar eclipse on April 30 can be seen and another one on October 25.

12 meteor showers will be seen throughout the year

Here are the showers to watch for in 2022:

Lyrids: April 21-22

Eta Aquariids: May 4-5

Southern delta Aquariids: July 29-30

Alpha Capricornids: July 30-31

Perseids: August 11-12

Orionids: October 20-21

Southern Taurids: November 4-5

Northern Taurids: November 11-12

Leonids: November 17-18

Geminids: December 13-14

Ursids: December 21-22

You want to drive to a place that isn’t littered with city lights that will obstruct your view. If you’re able to find an area unaffected by light pollution, meteors could be visible. Find an open area with a wide view of the sky.

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