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Rowdy Rebel Drop A Tribute To The "Woo Walk"!

Rowdy Rebel dropped his latest single, “RIP TDOTT!”

A tribute to TDott Woo, the pioneer of the iconic “Woo Walk” dance.

Rowdy Rebel’s “RIP TDOTT” is Rowdy’s unwavering loyalty to honoring the legacies of those who came before him.

My Bro! Rowdy Rebel was in da building for his album RebelVsRowdy!

We talked about him doing more time in prison for not snitching. His process when he records his music now. He also broke down the vibe of the album and why he named it like that. His relationship with Bobby Shmurda and when they gonna put out their features. I was glad to see and interview him in person, cause last time it was over the phone.

Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda have been on a tear with new music, the latest of which is Rebel vs Rowdy!

Rebel’s third album and follow-up to Shmoney Keeps Calling.

Rowdy had beef with his label, Epic Records putting them on blast, claiming he hasn’t been paid for any of his music since 2014.

“I’m not dropping no more music until Epic Records pay me,” he wrote. “I haven’t received not one check for all the music I put out since 2014. I been patient but enough is enough.”

Rebel was released from prison after serving six years on RICO charges, and since has released “Re Route,” “9 Bridge,” “Jesse Owens,” and teamed up with Doe Boy and 42 Dugg for “Aint My Fault.”

Rowdy's fans have joined Rebel in support, calling on Epic Records to pay him properly for his music catalog.

Rowdy is expected to release his debut album in 2022. but that may be on hold until the money issue is resolved.

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