Walmart Invaded By Young Thug Fans

Young Thug fans in Atlanta were convinced that he was going to pay for everyone’s holiday purchases at a local Walmart.

It turns out they fell prey to an internet rumor, as a video posted to social media shows fans flooding the Walmart, and grabbing as many items as they can, to wait in long lines.

“We waitin’ on Thug,” the person taking the video can be heard saying. “Thug, man, you better bring your something man, cause this shit here is a catastrophe.”

It’s unclear how the rumor got started, but needless to say, Young Thug never showed up, so many of these fans were forced to put their goods back on the shelves.

Thug was tagged in the Instagram video, but he's already said to his Instagram followers he avoids social media because it makes him depressed.

“Bro, I just noticed like when I look at the Internet, when I look at Instagram and like you know Twitter and shit, I get depressed bro,” Young Thug said. “This shit is like burnt the fuck out, bro. This shit depressing.”

Thug has yet to comment on Walmart shoppers though.

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