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Omarion Vs Chris Brown?!

Verzuz has made itself the battleground for the best of the best in hip-hop and R&B. When people begin to think of who they want to see battle, they immediately go to the top of the list of names.

Omarion is under the impression that he should be one of those names and that his opponent should be CHRIS BROWN!

Omarion while on a morning show shared his take on the perfect Verzuz matchup for him.

“I think it would only be a handful of people that I feel like that it would be a good Verzuz,” he said. “I think there’s a few people out there that I could do, but it’s a small class of people who perform like myself.”

One of the show hosts threw Ray J, Pretty Ricky and Chris Brown into the mix, and Omarion revealed a battle with CB “would be dope.”

Fans quite naturally were quick to shut down Omarion for thinking he could even step toe-to-toe with Chris Brown.

“Omarion said he’d do a #Verzuz with Chris Brown… Don’t do it O, that’s suicide! Marques Houston, get your bro…,” one fan wrote.

“Now who done told Omarion he could go hit for hit with Chris brown? Baby you couldn’t even go against Trey Songz and you think you can take CHRIS????” Another tweeted.

”not Omarion tryna have a Verzuz w/ Chris Brown. O got some hits .. SOME; Chris could play 1 album and demolish him lol. If the Verzuz battle was dancing, that would make more since, but HIT for HIT, nah. Sit this one out, playa!” A third person said.

Now, Chris Brown has made it clear he’s not interested in Verzuz, despite Swizz Beatz and Timbaland doing their best to get Chris Brown involved. Fans were hoping to see a showdown between Usher and Chris Brown, but nothing came to fruition.

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