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Who Made Triplet What It Is Today?

Who invented the triplet flow?

Quavo has made the claim that Migos are the creators.

“The triplet flow, for sure. Wasn’t nobody doin’ it before we came in and right now, everybody’s doing it. It’s a blessing. The triplet flow, the cadence, the flippin’ it, whippin’ it. That’s what everybody love to this day… 2014, I was the most influential rapper.” Quavo responded. “When they come out and say different people influenced it and don’t say the Migos, I don’t understand how. Because even the people they naming that influenced them, I know for a fact we influenced them, too.”

Everyone didn’t agree, as some fans commented,

“Quavo needs to do his research on the triplet flow. There were groups like Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs that were doing that flow way before Migos. There’s a reason why they don’t get props for it.”

To be fair Bone Thugs did debut in 1994 with their very own home cooked style of triplet. Even they were not exactly the first to do that style on the mic, they were the first to solely make it their flow which separated them from everyone else in hip-hop at the time.

Three 6 Mafia would come on the scene soon after as a Horrorcore group that used triplet in some of their music. By, 2000 however they would solely rely on what is now considered the more common form of triplet that they helped solidify through the south sound.

Both of those groups are the introduction to what we now consider thee triplet style, but ultimately Migos are the undeniable popularizers of the sound that dominates hip-hop now. They took their cues from both Bone Thugs and Three 6 and found a sort of middle ground between them to create their form of triplet that pretty much everyone does now.

If not for Bone Thugs or Three 6 there would be no Migos, but they are the reason why you hear that cadence in not only in hip-hop, but even in pop, rock and yes even country. Migos are the benefactors of the influence of triplet, but they are the group that has made that form of rap as iconic as it is.

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