OnlyFans Is Cleaning Up Their Act?

Photo: Getty Images

OnlyFans founder, Tim Stokely is releasing a new app.

OFTV, essentially is the same concept as the web-based version and offers videos featuring many of OnlyFans biggest stars, just free of nudity.

“From the onset of launching OnlyFans, we have been a creator-first platform to give creators further autonomy and power over their content,” Stokely said. “We’re all about giving creators more opportunities to get their content out there and more ways for our community to access it.”

Users can view the content using the app on their phones, tablets, or smart TVs, as the brand is hoping to step away from its reputation of adult video content and reposition itself as a platform tool for all content creators. This will make them a direct competitor to Patreon and YouTube, and will open up their audience.

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