Baby Blue Tweets His Status From ICU

On the night Baby Blue was shot he was trying to protect his cousin during a robbery attempt.

The bullet pierced his lung and sent him to the ICU, where Blue is still. He is hooked up on a breathing machine, and only his parents have been able to see him due to COVID restrictions.

During the confrontation at SpareZ Bowling Alley, Baby Blue tried to grab the gun from one of the suspects and got shot instead. The bullet went through Blue's shoulder and pierced his lung.

The suspects fled before police arrived and so far no arrests have been made, but Baby Blue tweeted his own update, as he's still in ICU but on the road to recovery. The bullet went through his lung and is stuck in his back. He has to "learn to breathe & walk again," but has a great medical team and thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Photos by Getty Images

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