Ray Fisher Shines In Snyder Cut Of Justice League

Zack Snyder’s epic 4-hour long Justice League finally launched on HBO Max Ray Fisher's Cyborg portrayal shines!

Critics are calling Snyder’s vision of the film a masterpiece and it fully eclipses the theatrical cut. Viewers are all pointing to all the tons of backstory that would have significantly made the 2017 theatrical release way better.

Cyborg, as it turns out is the heart and soul of the film and all agree, Ray Fisher deserves mass accalaim for his Cyborg portrayal.

Unlike the “Josstice League,” Fisher’s Cyborg has more depth and Victor Stone’s story turned out to be much deeper, in having conflicts with his father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton).

After making it through the 4-hour movie, fans took to Twitter to praise Fisher for his portrayal of the character and declare they want more.

Hopefully, Warner Bros. is paying attention and wants restore the Snydervers.

Photos by Getty Images

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