Corey Dollaz Gives Scholarship To High School Despite Not Graduating

Corey Dollaz gave back to his hometown by making a $5,000 scholarship donation to Saginaw’s Arthur Hill High School.

Dollaz dropped out of high school, but later got his GED and studied at Delta College. Dollaz described the lack of encouragement he had as a kid and wanted to help.

“It wasn’t necessarily ‘cool’ to go to school, we didn’t have the people that we looked up to or the people that was influential instructing us, ‘Hey, school can be a stepping stone to something greater,’” Dollaz said. “I kind of realized that and I said, ‘You know what, when I get a position, not only am I gonna give back to the school, I’ma make sure it’s an academic scholarship.’”

Dollaz met three seniors and hopes his act of kindness will inspire students to give back in some form in the future.

Photos by Getty Images