Jhene Aiko Is A Princess I Her New Video

Jhené Aiko is a princess in her new video for her latest single, "Lead The Way."

The track, appears on the soundtrack of the new Disney film, Raya And The Last Dragon, as Jhene travels to the ancient kingdom of Kumandra for her own magical adventure.

Jhené, grew up a "Disney kid," brought her Disney princess dreams to life.

“The number one thing was, I heard ‘dragon,’ and I love dragons,” she explained. “I have a big dragon tattoo on my back. I was born in ’88, which is the year of the dragon. And I just think it’s a beautiful, mystical creature that is just so many things, symbolizes so many things for me, personally. I’ve always had this little fantasy of being a Disney princess, voicing one, or like being the character. And so this was the closest that I’ve gotten, so I was pretty excited.”

Photos by Getty Images

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