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More Has Been Revealed In The Trey Songz Incident

There is a new angle of the Trey Songz incident at the Chiefs game.

The footage shows a long discussion with police, and it looks like he threw the first punch.

Kansas City Police posted the footage, of a security camera, that shows Trey and those that were with him in the stands being approached by stadium security 3 different times before the KCPD officer was called to intervene.

Arrowhead security looks like he's flashing a mask gesture to the group, telling them that they gotta mask up, and other guards talk to them, but the group doesn't appear to follow orders. When the KCPD officer shows, he talks to Trey, then walks around to try escort him out of the section. Songz backs away, before swinging or shoving the officer.

KCPD reported the whole thing started because fans were asking Trey's group to put on masks, which they did when they were next to security, but eventually they came off.

Trey is maskless during each interaction with security and the officer.

Trey was arrested and taken into custody for trespassing, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Two of the charges are misdemeanors, but the assault charge is a low grade felony, which means jail time.

Photos by Getty Images

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