More Arrests Made In Capitol Building Riots

Alleged Capitol rioter accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop has turned herself in.

Authorities have arrested Riley Williams for trespassing, violent entry and disorderly conduct, after being seen on video taking part in the Capitol attacks.

Federal Authorities say Williams' former partner contacted the FBI, claiming Williams planned to give Pelosi's laptop or hard drive to a friend, who would turn it over to Russian intelligence, but the Russia plan fell through and Williams still has the laptop or she destroyed it.

The FBI says the theft allegation's still under investigation, and is sweeping America in arresting and charging those involved in the riots on Capitol Hill.

The hashtag "#NoFlyLists" has gained steam. The rioters are finding it difficult to return home. Many were identified at nearby airports and were either kicked off their flights, not allowed to board, and shocked when federal authorities were waiting to arrest them upon landing.

MAGA allies have been placed on No-Fly Lists, so the "#NoFlyLists" hashtag remained a trending topic throughout the day.

Photos by Getty Images