No Absentee Ballot? That's Not Stopping Tyler Perry!

Tyler Perry wanted to vote in the Georgia runoff and had to hop on a jet and fly all the way to Georgia to cast his ballot in person, because his absentee ballot never came in the mail.

Tyler says he waited for more than a month for his absentee ballot, but it never came. Tyler was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and flew in his jet back to Georgia so he could vote with more than 3 million others who cast ballots.

Tyler raised the issue Monday,

"Hey Georgia, Is anyone else having this problem? I ordered my absentee ballot on December 2nd. I’m told it was mailed on the 4th. I still don’t have it!. Hey @staceyabrams, I flew home because I didn’t get it. I will be there early in the morning. Too important to miss. Too important to miss!"

It's unclear how many other Georgians didn't get their ballot.

If both Democrats win, that party will control the Senate. If one of the 2 Republicans win, they will keep control of the chamber.

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