Master P's Looking To Buy Reebok From Addidas

Adidas is looking to sell Reebok and Master P is in talks to buy the brand.

Reebok's looking to sell to P and former NBA star Baron Davis for about $2.4 billion.

"I think Reebok is being undervalued. I left Nike as a 22 year old kid representing myself and made the jump to Reebok, which took a chance on me as a creative and as an athlete. I want the people I know athletes, influencers, designers, celebs to sit at the table with me,” Davis said.

“As we focus on turning Reebok into a lifestyle brand not just a basketball brand, our most important initiative will be to put money back into the community that built this company,” Master P added.

This could be the first time hip-hop may own their sports shoe sales. Jay-Z signed worked with Reebok and released the S. Carter shoes, and recently the worked with Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar.

Photos by Getty Images