Lakers Honor Kobe & The Franchise On Championship Rings

The Lakers honored Kobe Bryant on their 2020 championship rings.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the rest of the returning members received their rings prior to the season opener against the Clippers.

The Los Angeles Lakers honored Kobe Bryant with 2 touching tributes to the legend in the design.

The stones are made of 16.45 carats and 804 stones and the design pays homage to Kobe, with a snake wrapped around each player's jersey number on the side of the ring, representing Bryant's "Black Mamba", also the rings feature a detachable top, which reveals each retired number in the franchise with Bryant's #8 and #24 jerseys in the team's Black Mamba uniforms worn during their title run.

LeBron's actual handwriting is used in the design of the team's playoff motto, "Leave a Legacy," etched on one side.

The pieces were made by Jason of Beverly Hills.

Photos by Getty Images