The Game & Lil Wayne Give Respect To Allen Iverson In New Video

The Game unleashed an animated video for his latest Lil Wayne collaboration, “A.I. With The Braids,” a nod to Allen Iverson.

“A.I. with the braids is almost single-handedly responsible for most if not all trends you see in Hip Hop & professional sports these days,” The Game says. “Every kid including myself wanted to be Allen Iverson, from the baggy jerseys with the diamond chains, to the designs in his braids & whole swagger. Girls were in love with him & he was pound for pound the best player in the NBA. A.I. went from being my idol as a kid to being my brother in real life, so it’s only right I pay homage. He didn’t care what anyone in the world thought of his style, he just did him … . and back then we had a little ‘A.I. with the braids in all of us.’

Photos by Getty Images