Breakdancing To Debut At The 2024 Olympic Games?!!!

Breakdancing is now an Olympic sport!

At the 2024 Games in Paris, The International Olympic Committee announced the competition will feature 16 b-boy and 16 b-girls from around the world competing in 1-on-1 battles.

WDSF president Shawn Tay says ... "It was a true team effort to get to this moment and we will redouble our efforts in the lead-up to the Olympic Games to make sure the breaking competition at Paris 2024 will be unforgettable."

Australian squash legend Michelle Martin, however says it's a "mockery"

“You just look at the whole thing and you just go ‘Where’s the Olympics going?’ I know some people say breakdancing’s a sport but ... I don’t understand,” Martin told the AAP. “The Olympics was all about a score, or it was a running race. There was a definitive answer and results to sports. You bring in all these judging things and it just gets so corrupt and so out of control. I just don’t get it anymore.”

Skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing will also be included at the 2024 Games.

Photos by Getty Images