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Young Thug Takes Shots At Jay-Z

Young Thug thinks JAY-Z, is not on his level.

During his appearance on Gillie Da Kid's "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" podcast, Thug claimed "When I perform, I got 30, 40 songs that the whole stadium gon’ know. They gon’ know these ones, all 30 songs," he said. "JAY-Z ain’t got 30 songs like that…that the whole stadium gonna sing."

After a reaction, Thug backpedaled a bit.

"I know he do," he clarified. "He probably got 50 of them bitches. I’m not just literally saying him, I’m saying ni**as who you thinking [are] ‘the man.'"

Thug previously came under fire when he made disrespectful comments about André 3000.

“I can’t rap you two André 3000 songs,” he admitted during his appearance on T.I.’s “ExpediTIously” podcast. “I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life."

T.I. noted that Thug worked with Elton John and should pay homage to a legend like Andre 3000.

"But the difference between Elton John and Andre is, to simplify it, Elton John likes to kiss ass, and Dre likes his ass kissed. Elton John like "Hey! I like you, I remember your first song, I remember Gucci first song, when Guwop getting out?' He a fan type of n***a, to the point where I'm like 'let's do music,' and he's like 'n***a bet!' Andre more like, and this is his secretary 'ey, tell the n**ga it's Thug, n***a," Thug responded.

Thug's comments went viral and hip-hop fans were pretty offended at what he said. Needless to say, Thug created a backlash.

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