Line Up Ladies, Michael B. Jordan Has An OnlyFans Account

Michael B. Jordan is launching an OnlyFans account, soo ladies if you weren't on before...

Jordan said that he will be "using my body for good." as the account will be solely dedicated to showing off his famous moustache.

"I never had time to actually sit in one place and grow my facial hair, where I didn't have to get it groomed, or manicured, or anything like that," he said. "So, during quarantine, I just wanted to see how much hair I could actually grow."

He revealed that his moustache has actually taken on an identity of its own.

"His name is Murphy. We call him Murph for short. Got an OnlyFans coming soon - eating fruit, all types of crazy stuff. It's going to get wild."

Jordan will be joining Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Jordyn Woods, Blac Chyna, Casanova, Cardi B, and Bella Thorne, who all have OnlyFans pages as well.