The WeeKND Rocks The Half Time Show At The Super Bowl

The Weeknd rocked his Super Bowl halftime performance!

The singer headlined the Pepsi Halftime Show as, almost 80% of his set was done on an elevated platform and away from everyone below.

The elaborate stage was complete with a makeshift cityscape in the fashion of Las Vegas and NYC. The Weeknd was surrounded by would-be clones that changed costumes throughout, but started out with masks and glowing red eyes.

He ran through his hits, 'Starboy,' 'The Hills' and 'Can't Feel My Face.' He then ran backstage into a house of mirrors set, reminiscent of his 'Blinding Lights' music video.

The fact that fans couldn't come on down and join in didn't stop the crowd from loving every minute, as they screamed from the stands.

Photos by Getty Images