G Herbo Is Looking For A Blunt Man

G Herbo will pay someone to roll blunts for him.

He put the word out via his Instagram Story and even broke down how he likes his blunts rolled.

“Who willing to make $36,000 a year?” he asked his followers. “I’m ready to pay a muthafucka $100 a day to roll up. That’s all you getting, though. That’s all I got is a hundred ’cause I’m letting you smoke def. You smoking free def and you hanging around. Just so y’all know, I ain’t playing bro,” he added. “I love smoking way too much to hate rolling this much bro. I hate that shit, fool. With a passion, fool.”

Herbo previously offered to pay the people who robbed him to return his passport back in September.

“Y’all just took my bookbag out the trunk before I could even lock my door,” he said in an Instagram video. “Ain’t nothing in there but a passport so y’all can’t do shit with that. Y’all might as well bring my shit, man. I’m tryna go somewhere.

“I gotta travel so I’ll pay y’all back for my shit, man. I’ll be a bitch ass n-gga and just pay y’all for my shit back. Let me get my bookbag, man. I just want my passport.”

Photos by Getty Images