Lil Baby Gives The Grammys A Bigger Picture

Lil Baby delivered a powerful performance of "The Bigger Picture" at the Grammys .

He began with actor and activist Kendrick Sampson being confronted by two police officers, referencing the 2020 police killing of Rayshard Brooks. Activist Tamika Mallory delivers a speech, in which she spoke out about police brutality.

"We demand justice," she said. "We don't need allies, we need accomplices." Killer Mike then performed a portion of his verse from Run The Jewels' "Walking In The Snow."

A James Baldwin quote was also read during the introduction,

"When I was brought up I was taught in American history books that Africa had no history and that neither had I. I was a savage about whom the least said the better, who had been saved by Europe and who had been brought to America. Of course, I believed it. I didn't have much choice."

“The Bigger Picture” was nominated for Best Rap Song.

Photos by Getty Images

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