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Pooh Shiesty Owes A Million To Victims!

Pooh Shiesty may have to pay over $1 million in restitution!

Shiesty admitted his involvement in the shooting of two men, and federal prosecutors asked a judge to make Pooh and his co-defendants, Bobby Brown (not that one) and Jayden Darosa, to pay nearly $1.1 million in restitution to the victims. The shooting occurred during a drug deal gone wrong, and prosecutors say the two victims qualify for at least $1,149,828.43 based on medical reports.

Shiesty is in court to contest the payment, which prosecutors say cover past and future medical costs for the victims. Pooh Shiesty's lawyer Bradford Cohen argued the price is a "judicial shakedown!"

"So it's essentially Tony Montana is asking the Colombians to pay him for the injuries he received," Cohen said.

Pooh Shiesty unleashed a music video for “Gone MIA” off Shiesty Season!

Directed by Omar The Director, Pooh addresses the incident that landed him in prison, as he performs the song from an undisclosed location in L.A.

Pooh has been sitting behind bars since June and was sentenced to 63 months in prison, stemming from an altercation in Bay Harbor Islands, where Pooh Shiesty allegedly shot someone after he and two other people robbed a victim after meeting up for a sale.

Pooh Shiesty had plead guilty to firearm conspiracy charges.

Shiesty allegedly shot a man in the buttocks, so after his plea federal prosecutors dropped three other charges that could have been a lifetime prison sentence.

"We're entered into plea negotiations because there have been developments in the case that I think changed the dynamics of the case." Shiesty's defense lawyer shared.

The defense asked that the judge block prosecutors from bringing up Shiesty’s robbery case from when he was 11 and an assault case from when he was just 14.

“These actions have no direct nexus to Lontrell Williams other than in speculation. The last incident occurs while Lontrell Williams is in custody.” his defense stated.

Shiesty shared with fans that he quit drugs and wants fans to stay connected,

“My skin glowing since I been sober can’t go back to sipping lean. My mindset got different, I’m in prison before I’m sentenced they don’t even kno the life det I’m Living Dey trynna paint the pic of a menace… FreeTheBiggest.”

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