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Goodie Mob Is Back!

Goodie Mob has announced their sixth studio album Survival Kit, which is set to drop on November 13th.

This will be their first release since 2013's Age Against The Machine.

Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, Khujo, and T-Mo are back together again

"Right now, just seeing all of our people on TV marching and protesting and being shot at, bottles and stuff being chucked at the police, people burning down buildings and looting because we're tired of all of the injustices," explains T-Mo, in an official press release.

We almost got an Outkast reunion with André 3000 and Big Boi appearing, though not on the same track.

Survival Kit is out on November 13th.

1. Are You Ready Feat. Chuck D

2. Frontline

3. Curry Goat

4. No Cigar Feat. André 3000

5. Prey 4 Da Sheep Feat. Big Boi

6. DC Young Fly Crowe's Nest Break

7. 4 My Ppl

8. Big Rube's Road Break

9. Off-Road

10. Try We

11. Me Tyme

12. Back2Back

13. Survival Kit

14. Calm B 4 Da Storm

15. Big Rube’s Amazing Break

16. Amazing Grays

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