Daniel Cameron Under Attack Over Grand Jury Charges In Breonna Taylor Case

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron continues to face accusations of corruption, as jurors are coming forward to say that charging the officers with homicide was never an option.

A juror, asked if more serious charges would be brought against the officers "and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn’t feel they could make them stick."

Ben Crump released a statement regarding the latest accusations against Daniel Cameron.

“We now know what we suspected: Attorney General Daniel Cameron took the decision out of the grand jury’s hands," said Crump. "They didn’t allow the grand jury to do what the law says they have the right to do. This failure rests squarely on the shoulders of Daniel Cameron. He then brought Tamika Palmer [Breonna Taylor's mother] in and lied to her, placing the result on the grand jury. AG Cameron did not explain homicide offenses to the grand jury and did not give the grand jury an opportunity to deliberate on those charges."

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