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Jay-Z Fighting To Save A Life

Jay-Z is using his power and influence to save a life.

Jay is fighting for the release of one of his fans who is serving a 20-year prison sentence over marijuana charges. Jay's legal team has made a plea to a North Carolina judge for “compassionate release” of Valon Vailes.

Jay, came in contact with Vailes after he wrote a letter pleading for help. Vailes, was found guilty in 2007 of conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute more than one ton of marijuana.

"This correspondence is a plea to ask for your help with the intent to campaign for my clemency. 13 and a half years is a long time to be still incarcerated over a substance that has become the ultimate green rush."

Attorney Alex Spiro filed a second motion, asking the court to reconsider their previous request, which was dismissed on Vailes’ COVID-19 vaccination record.

“Mr. Vailes’ motion for compassionate release does not mention COVID-19 and does not rely on any COVID-19-related argument as a basis for arguing in favor of a reduced sentence. Mr. Vailes is not a danger to the community. He is the sole available caretaker for his mentally ill brother whom is in desperate need of Mr. Vailes’ support. It is unjust to allow Mr. Vailes to remain in prison when, if sentenced under the current law, and with his good behavior credits, he would have already been released.”

Jay-Z has a Change.Org petition advocating for Vailes’ release, and the petition has nearly 2,000 signatures.

Last year JAY-Z was in the fight for justice for Alvin Cole.

Along with Roc Nation, Jay posted bonds for protestors in Wisconsin

Cole, a 17-year-old Black teen was shot and killed by local police. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm announced no charges would be filed.

“In this case, there is sufficient evidence that Officer (Joseph) Mensah had an actual subjective belief that deadly force was necessary and that belief was objectively reasonable,” Chisholm said. “I do not believe that the State could disprove self-defense or defense of others in this case and therefore could not meet the burden required to charge Officer Mensah.”

The Cole family were joined by the family of Jacob Blake in total, 24 people were arrested for a violation of the city’s 7 p.m. curfew. Team Roc called for Mensah to be fired, noting that over the last five years, Mensah has shot and killed three different Black men.

“It is your responsibility to do the right thing, hold Mensah accountable for his actions and protect Wauwatosa citizens from further tragedy,” Team Roc wrote. “Mensah must also be de-certified and fired from the police force immediately.”

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