Sza Is Back!

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SZA is coming to a city near you!

SZA announced a handful of dates, and among the six shows include a performance in Houston, then stretching to Austin, Dallas, Denver and Salt Lake City. It'lll wrap at the Day N Vegas festival on November 14.

“Uhhh Iss not a tour but I WILL be singing songs in multiple cities at night time lmao ..COME,” she wrote on Twitter. Tickets are currently on sale via

As for SZA dropping her album the same day as Summer Walker,

“I jus wanna know y y’all think i would drop same time as summer. I’m ON her album…like wut," she wrote.

Summer Walker released her debut album "Over It" in 2019, and marketing has begun for the release of her sophomore album "Still Over It".

To be released on November 5th, with SZA on it as well.

SZA hopped on Twitter to shut down rumors.

“I jus wanna know y y’all think i would drop same time as summer and I’m ON her album like wut,” she tweeted.

SZA has yet to provide fans with an update on the release of her album, but it could be after Summer’s project.

SZA started off the year with "Good Days" as a gift to fans on Christmas Day, and the single scored her the #1 spot on the charts.

SZA celebrated the accomplishment in an Instagram post

"NUMBER ONE ALL GENRES AND IM SURROUNDED BY KINGS !!" she wrote. "GOD IS SO GOOD THANK YOU GUYS SO FUCKING MUCH !! I’m jus tryna be myself. Thank you for allowing me, GOOD FUGGIN DAYS."

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