Tyler Herro & The Heat Get One Back!

The Miami Heat lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 116-98 in game 1 of the NBA Finals.

The game cost them more than just a win in the series Goran Dragic went down with a foot injury and Bam Adebayo's neck strain have them both listed as doubtful for Game 2.

Jimmy Butler is playing with an ankle injury and the Lakers dominated the boards in Game 1. Losing Adebayo leaves them with just Kelly Olynyk and Myers Leonard to do battle with the most potent froncourt in basketball today.

Without the services of Dragic and Adebayo the Heat would lose the effectiveness of the speeed of their "small ball" which will force them to play a more subdued half court style. That would play right into the Lakers hands when they roll out the likes of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, & Dwight Howard.

Game 2 of the 2020 NBA Finals gets underway at 9 p.m. ET.

Photos by Getty Images