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NBA YoungBoy Will Remain In Custody

NBA YoungBoy's $540,000 bond by a California judge, was revoked by a Louisiana judge, who has ruled that YoungBoy will remain behind bars until the trial for his recent gun charges.

The judge ruled that he will be held without bond pending trial, despite the Magistrate judge in California granting the bond that included $540,000 in cash, collateral of two properties worth $1.5 million, drug testing, and an ankle monitor.

NBA YoungBoy remains in federal custody, from his arrest which stemmed from the September incident.

YoungBoy facing a federal charge for felon possession of a firearm, which carries with it a sentence of between five and ten years. There was a RICO charge involved that was dropped, but his priors, when they tried to arrest him and the found gun in the car have only made things worse.

The FBI was after NBA Youngboy over an arrest 6 months ago in Louisiana.

FBI agents and LAPD busted Youngboy after a brief pursuit which ended with police sending K-9 units. Youngboy was wanted on an arrest in Baton Rouge during a drug bust, which FBI claim he had a .45 pistol and a 9mm handgun.

NBA YoungBoy was arrested and taken into FBI custody in L.A.

NBA YoungBoy already has issues with the law, as he was among 16 people arrested on drug and firearm charges, served 90 days in jail in 2019 after a temporary probation hold in a 2016 nonfatal shooting case, and was involvement in a Miami shootout in 2019 that left a bystander dead.

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