G Herbo Gives Back In The Biggest Way

G Herbo has given back to his community by going back to his old elementary school, Overton Elementary School, that has been closed down since 2013.

G Herbo bought the school and is turning it into a community center that will be a multimedia facility where rappers, producers, and other creatives can develop.

Friends, Joey Purp, Chance The Rapper, and Vic Mensa attended the event. They handed out backpacks filled with school supplies to over 2,000 kids, marched, provided free COVID-19/HIV testing, and had a station to register people to vote.

“This is just about being able to lead by example for the next generation. We’re really just trying to change the narrative and lead by example … and show the next generation that they can do what we’re doing even greater. We’re not saying we’re going to see drastic change tomorrow, but if we keep this up, there’s limitless opportunities and it’s limitless where we can go.” G Herbo said.

Photos by Getty Images