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50 Cent Horror Movie Drops It's First Teaser!

50 Cent's new horror film Skill House is set to be released in 2023 and 50 dropped the very first trailer on the Gram.

"This s*** is crazy. GreenlightGang Horror @skillhousemovie"

The film “examines social media and influencer culture, and what those new to the sphere are willing to do to attain fame.”

Intended to be the first in a franchise, Skill House is being written and directed by Josh Stolberg (Spiral, Jigsaw) and is set to include an ensemble cast starring TikTok star Bryce Hall and UFC veteran Paige VanZant.

50 Cent took to Instagram to announce the news.

“In partnership with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony-nominated mega-producer Ryan Kavanaugh,” he wrote on Instagram. “Producers of Fast and Furious 2-6, 300, Social Network, Limitless, Fighter, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, and Mama Mia to name a few, Im working let’s work GLG.”

50 Cent is attempting to purchase the rights to Power from STARZ, as his ongoing battle with the network continues. 50 produced several shows for the network including Black Mafia Family, Power Book II: Ghost, and Power Book IV: Force.

"Everybody ready to work, I’m trying to buy my universe back from STARZ so it goes where ever i go," 50 wrote in a post on Instagram. "Only 5 months left in my deal, and i’m not on the air for 6 months so We Out!"

50 hopes to be able to shop the series' to competing networks, as 50 Cent announced that he was done with STARZ at the end of his current contract.

"This is me packing my stuff, STARZ," he wrote on Instagram at the time. "Sucks, my deal is up over here I’m out. They Renewed High town and FORCE is the highest rated show they have sitting in limbo. If I told you how much dumb sh*t I deal with over here. you would think they all went to school on a small yellow bus."

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