Kanye Building A City?!

Kanye West wants to build a futuristic city in Haiti, like Akon is planning in Senegal.

West met with the President of Haiti, and was embraced by the community, so now Kanye confirmed that he was moving forward with his plan.

Kanye says that he's working with the Haitian government to build a new city in the country.

"Just to be CLEAR: WE ARE IN ENGAGED WITH HAITI’s GOVERNMENT to make a transformational INVESTMENT to bring JOBS, DEVELOPMENT, HELP SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS and FISHERMEN and Build a new « CITY OF THE FUTURE » in a very beautiful country," wrote Kanye.

He hasn't elaborated on what the city will be and how it will work, but the Haiti project could include an extensive farm-to-table initiative and possibly the Yeezy Christian Academy. This is all speculation but now we know there's a plan.

Photos by Getty Images