Colin Kaepernik & Dre Pose In Protest

Colin Kaepernick and Dr. Dre struck a pose together to send a message.

"Defiant," Dre wrote about their photo and was praised by stars like LeBron, Caron Butler, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Durant and more.

Colin and Dre have been in business together, as Colin endorsement Beats by Dre starting way back in 2013.

Beats by Dre recently signed Bubba Wallace the only Black driver in NASCAR's top series.

"No one should ever be asked to apologize for standing up for what’s right," the company said after signing Wallace.

Colin is still dead serious about trying to get back into the NFL and has been training almost every day to stay ready.

A few teams mentioned they're interest, but so far, no one has brought him in for a workout.